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The Full Story

GBCV volunteer fire brigade

In 2012, 7 friends sat around a kitchen table and decided that enough was enough. Their city could no longer be without a fire brigade. And so GBCV, or group of civil volunteer firefighters was born.

In the beginning we had no more than a coverall and a plastic helmet, but gradually we have been able to grow and equip our members with the necessary gear.

10 years later we still do everything with about nothing. Various fire departments from all over the world have donated gear to our cause, which enabled us to better equip our local heroes.

Besides attending emergencies, our NGO also has several social projects, such as a youth fire brigade for children from vulnerable social backgrounds, Fire Santa Claus who goes to the poor neighbourhoods to hand out toys and sweets at christmas or the organization of donations after specific emergencies to name just a few.



At GBCV, we strive to deliver the best emergency attendement that our members are able to deliver.

Be it wildland firefighting, rescuing people from their car after an accident or looking for survivers of a landslide, our members will always give their best


Help us helping

Our goal is to fully equip our volunteer fire department with the necessary gear to attend to the various fire and other emergencies that happen in our town.

Várzea Paulista has around 100,000 inhabitants and until our founding, had no access to any firefighting services.

Our members do their work free of charge and even pay for their uniform out of their own pocket!

With your help we can keep this service running

For our operations we rely on donations from private persons or companies. Various fire departments from all over the world have already donated gear to our cause. If you wish to help us, please get in contact with Wannes, our responsible for international relations sowe can work out a partnership


Our first fire engine

After months of negotiating she finally arrived: our very first fire truck to be. Untill the grand day of her first intervention we'll be busy, very busy. The chassis needs structural repairs, the engine to be overhauled, tyres replaced, ... But we cannot dothis alone. In order for us to be able to help others, we need your help first.

Nothing is too small and any cent counts.

Thank you for your contribution

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